Staff Training

Staff training is an important element of providing orientation that is not only accurate, but is also engaging and relevant to refugee participants. The Cultural Orientation Resource Center has developed a variety of tools to help orientation providers, whether trainers, case managers, or others, to consider different issues from a refugee's perspective or to strengthen their own skills and awareness of refugee concerns.

Refugee Training and Orientation: A Guide for Service Providers is a guide to help service providers who work with refugees overseas or domestically to enhance their own understanding, design, and delivery of training and orientation. Among other topics, this guide addresses how supervisors and program managers can develop trainers and partnerships: See Chapter 4.

Another COR Center resource is a collection of stories, each telling about a refugee facing a particular challenge. We suggest that service provider staff members review, consider, and discuss the stories contained here, as guided by the accompanying lesson plan.

Supervisors may also be interested in the Training for the Non-Trainer digest to spark discussion and consideration among staff members as to how to enhance orientation content and strengthen orientation delivery. See this and other resources included in the Tools for Trainers section of the website.